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Mid Autumn Festival, the moon is full, and people are reunited before and after flowers. It's the Mid Autumn Festival again. I miss my relatives every festival. Shengyaxuan doors and windows carry out condolences activities to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival

"Mid Autumn Festival, the moon is full, and people are reunited before and after the moon."

considering that most employees are far away from their families, Xiaoliang, an administrative beauty, distributed mid autumn moon cakes as holiday gifts to colleagues. We have worked hard for more than half a year, and only now can we feel each other's warmest and sweetest smiles

"it's the Mid Autumn Festival again, and I miss my family every holiday."

on this mid autumn festival, the company will certainly not forget its relatives in the distance ----- dealers and friends everywhere. The attached figure shows the sales customer service arranging holiday gifts for Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes to be delivered to dealers and friends everywhere:

since 2018, the company has added the series of Zhisheng, Zhixuan oblique materials and Auchan narrow materials on the basis of the original Zhishang and Zhizun flat materials. In particular, Zhisheng oblique skin black, Auchan warm white and fluorocarbon grey have become popular varieties

shengyaxuan doors and windows was founded in March, 2007, and has adhered to the customization of medium and high-end silicon magnesium aluminum alloy doors and windows until now. The product line mainly includes kitchen balcony sliding doors (hanging doors), bathroom swing doors, bridge broken aluminum alloy swing windows, and sliding windows. In the traditional holidays of Dragon Boat Festival and Mid Autumn Festival every year, employees and customers will be grateful in various forms, which is also an important part of corporate culture construction. With this wonderful gratitude and persistence, I believe that shengyaxuan door and window mansion company will be better tomorrow





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