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Many people will have the idea of starting a business when they are young, especially a few years after graduation, with full of enthusiasm and passion, but most people are hesitant between "creating" and "not creating", while some don't know what industry to choose to do, dare to create, and finally choose their favorite industry to show themselves on this stage, as if they will go a few steps faster than others with all their strength

with such ambition, my classmate e planned to open a brand store of aluminum alloy doors and windows as soon as he graduated. We all felt that this industry was not very good, but because he liked this industry, he boldly tried it. Because of the problem of capital, he did not fight alone, but found three partners, and began to join the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry with full blood and passion. Yes, in this world, big fish eat small fish, and small fish can unite countless small fish to bite big fish, so a small fish like him who has no backstage and no contacts in first tier cities can only find partners to share risks and work together

if you have the sea in your heart, you are not afraid of the wind and rain. In that year, China fell into an economic crisis, and many enterprises, including the aluminum alloy door and window industry, entered a dilemma. Many aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers closed their doors, and aluminum alloy door and window dealers also struggled in the dilemma. For a new entrepreneur, this is also a great challenge. Classmate e never thought of giving up, but the three partners could not persist, and finally chose to dissolve

later, he decided to choose a company to do sales from 0. However, ten years passed unconsciously. He went from the bottom salesman to the Department Director. I asked classmate e, if there is still one chance, will you choose the aluminum alloy door and window industry as the agent of door and window manufacturers? Classmate e said: Yes! It can be seen that his heart is still unwilling to be reconciled to the status quo, and he has always wanted to have his own career and do what he likes to do. Ten years ago, he had no funds and resources, so now he is ready. Soon, he quit his job as the director and began to plan his second entrepreneurial journey. This time, he chose the aluminum alloy door and window industry as the agent brand of door and window manufacturers. Only this time, he decided to do what he liked to do without being influenced by anyone

he began to be busy selecting sites, looking for appearances, choosing brands, decorating and opening. It takes a lot of energy to operate the facade. Everything is done by himself. Since he joined the agency of the door and window brand manufacturer, he often came home after 10:30 p.m. tired, but he was happy. Every list he handed in had a sense of achievement, and every list made him feel

after three years of hard work, the business of the store began to flourish, and his store began to expand and increase staff. When I visited his store once, I saw a lot of door and window stores around, but I felt that classmate e's store was frequented by more people. The reason was that Kangying's door and window products were good? Not all of them. I found that classmate e's business model is different from that of other franchised stores. His service is very good and unique. It's very warm, comfortable and kind when I enter the store. "Boy, you can do it well." where, it's just good luck. In fact, it's not luck. We just see his bright side, but we don't know what happened behind him. I know that it's not easy for him to go all the way to today, but he didn't mention the hard experience in the process of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is like this. The winner is the one who can persist

at a gathering of friends, I said, I'm not surprised that you will choose to start a business. What surprises me is why you choose to do aluminum alloy doors and windows. He smiled and said to me, "get up wherever you fall, hahaha...", After a few seconds of silence, he said, in fact, I am more interested in this industry, and I don't think the prospect of this industry is bad. On the contrary, I think this industry is very cutting-edge. I have always been optimistic about the aluminum alloy door and window industry, and I believe I can do it well. Therefore, it is my will to choose to be the agent of door and window manufacturers. If I were given another chance to choose, I would still choose the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry as the agent of door and window manufacturers





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