Its just not going to work- Man. premier dismisses

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'It's just not going to work': Man. premier dismisses municipal handgun ban proposal - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is casting doubt on the federal government’s new firearm legislation that pledges to support cities that wish to implement a handgun ban, saying “it’s just not going to work.”

Ottawa unveiled a suite of legislative changes in Bill C-21 on Tuesday, one of which is a provision allowing individual municipalities to create bylaws to ban the transportation and storage of handguns. If passed, violators of those rules could be subject to a penalty of up to two years in jail and may lose their licence or registration certificate.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair was asked Wednesday about how the federal government plans to enforce thisboth i, given municipalities fall under the constitutional purview of the provincesFREE DIGITAL ACCESS. He acknowledged the decision ultimately falls on provincial shoulders.

“If the provincial governments choose not to allow municipalities to do that, that’s their choicet work from home will also become eligible.,” he said, speaking at a virtual press conferenceThe vaccination,. “But our choice, is to help where people want help and where a municipality wants to do more and where they have the support of their provincial government to do more, we’re prepared to support those initiatives.”

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